On Tuesday and Thursday pupils across Oxfordshire and the rest of the UK received their A Level and GCSE results culminating years of hard study, revision and stress. But how much do you actually remember from your GCSEs?

This year pupils were awarded teacher assessed grades for their A Levels and GCSEs due to the cancellation of normal exams because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Teacher assessment included mock exams, coursework, on-going assessment and tests.

There has been much controversy surrounding this year’s A Level and GCSE results with suggestions of grade inflation. However, many teachers have argued the grades are only fair on pupils whose learning has been disrupted for 18 months due to the pandemic.

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For many of us, our GCSE exams were – unfortunately - a long time ago and its hard to believe we once knew our electrons from our protons at the drop of a hat.

I, for one, am absolutely ashamed to admit that I got A grades across my GCSEs but when I read through past science exam papers to create this quiz … well I hadn’t got a clue what the answers were.

How well can you remember your GCSE revision?

Test your GCSE knowledge with our interactive quiz:

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