Travel has been a pretty hot topic in the time of COVID-19. There’s a lot of restlessness from people eager to get back out into the world and for countries to start opening their borders. With this, there’s anxiety about travelling during coronavirus. There’s also uncertainty about what future travel will look like.

As restrictions start to ease and more people feel ready to venture out, there are questions to consider. What does travelling during covid look like? What will be different? Is it safe? What are the requirements of me here in the UK and in my destination country?

With so many things to consider, any reassurance is comforting. Our friendly and experienced team has worked hard to be able to offer private COVID testing that is safe, accurate, quick and EASY. Our COVID testing pathway remains separate to the rest of the hospital to help keep all of our staff and visitors safe, and our on-site laboratories mean we are able to manage our testing resilience to provide express testing options for those who need them. Added to this, our tailored testing packages make it easy for you to book all the tests you need for your trip in one go, leaving one less thing for you to worry about.

With testing centres available at both The New Foscote Hospital in North Oxfordshire, as well as our sister clinic at 107 Harley Street in London, we are here to help make your travel testing arrangements as quick and convenient as possible.

For more information, please visit: or call: 01295 252 281 to speak to one of our friendly patient bookings team.