FOUR new activity groups are to launch in Barton to help improve physical and mental health.

These include: bumps and buggies health walk, a cycling group for female riders, and a men’s mental health football group.

Meanwhile, the Barton Community Association (BCA) will be running yoga, Zumba, Pilates and line dancing from September at the Barton Neighbourhood Centre.

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Sue Holden, from the BCA, said: “These new classes provide an opportunity for everybody and anybody to access either free or very affordable physical activities at the centre.

“No matter your level of ability there is always something there for you, it is inclusive for everyone at any level.

“We don’t expect you to take it seriously but we guarantee you will reap the benefits and come out laughing, sweating and having made new friends.”

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Oxford city councillor Louise Upton added: “The new activities launched in Barton will provide residents with easy and affordable ways to start exercising.

“They can be sociable, allowing new parents to meet and chat while they get some gentle exercise outdoors.

“The last 18 months have shown how important basic good health is.

“We hope that these activities will support more people to improve their mental and physical health.”