Talented photographers were thrilled to find their snaps displayed on the city's bus stops as part of a photography competition to encourage people back in to Oxford.
Several members of the Oxford Mail Camera Club were very excited to be runners-up in the 'Rediscover Oxford' challenge.

The competition was launched by Independent Oxford at the beginning of June, and asked residents to show how they are enjoying Oxford this summer, and to show that, despite restrictions, the city is an alive and thriving place to live, work and visit.

Independent Oxford partnered with Oxford City Council to launch the photography competition, which culminates in an exhibition across the city and at Oxford’s Covered Market this month. 

Oxford Mail: Bob Weatherhead's snap of Botanic Garden

The winners have now been picked, and visitors to Oxford will be able to see the four winning images in the windows of 119 to 120 Fourth Avenue, Covered Market (the old Two Foot Nothing unit) and 37 runners-up photos at bus stops across Oxford.

Each photographer was able to send in three photographs that they thought would encourage people to visit Oxford's independent businesses.

Oxford Mail Camera Club member Becca Collacott chose two pictures of the Covered Market and one snap of the iconic Radcliffe Camera as her entries. Her picture of some flowers in the Covered Market has made it on to a city bus stop. 

Oxford Mail: Becca Collacott's runner up picture of the Covered Market

Ms Collacott says she chose the picture because she thinks it’s a 'lovely area' that represents Oxford and wanted to snap the fresh flowers.

The photographer is very excited to have her picture on a bus stop. She said: "I could not believe it; I was so chuffed. There was 350 entrants and four winners in different categories and 37 runners-up. To be one of the runners-up out of 350 people is great."

She added: "It is brilliant that there are so many runners-up from Camera Club."

Fellow Camera Club member, Lucie Johnson, said she was 'shocked' to see her picture of St Margaret's Passage near Radcliffe Camera on a bus stop. 

Oxford Mail: Lucie Johnson's runner up picture of St Margaret's Passage

Ms Johnson said she chose to take a picture of St Margaret's Passage because it is the location of the lamppost many people associate with Narnia. 

Ms Johnson said: "I have been on the bus on a little tour of Oxford to see everyone's pictures and they all look amazing."

She added: "I am very proud to be from Oxford and I am honoured to be chosen."

Camera Club member Bob Weatherhead was also chosen as a runner-up with his snap of the Oxford Botanic Garden on a sunny day to illustrate that Oxford is an attractive place to visit.

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