Do you have that Friday feeling yet? Well, you should because its International Beer Day.

This day is all about celebrating everything related to beer, its taste, culture and history.

As well as this, the day is also about expressing gratitude to the brewers who create our beer, the bartenders who serve it and the beer technicians who ensure our beer is of the highest quality.

Oxfordshire is a county filled with independent breweries of all types, styles and sizes.

Whether you love a smooth ale, a crisp larger or something a bit more quirky, Oxfordshire’s breweries have something to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Why not try a local beer which is something totally different to what you would normally drink? It would be in the spirit of the day, after all.

Let’s celebrate International Beer Day in Oxfordshire by buying local and enjoying all the best our county has to offer.

How wonderful it falls on a Friday.

Check out our map below to see which independent breweries are near you: 

International Beer Day is celebrated all over the world and was started in 2007 in Santa, Cruz, California.

Since its inception, the day has become a staple in the calendars of beer lovers across the globe and has been officially celebrated in 80 countries.