Oxfordshire County Council has stepped up its role in global efforts to tackle climate change by joining a national organisation of councils with the same aims.

UK100 is the only network for locally elected leaders who have pledged to switch to 100 per cent clean energy by 2050.

Within the network the Net Zero Local Leadership Club is doing everything within its power to get to net zero by 2045 at the latest.

Council leader Liz Leffman said: “UK100 works closely with elected representatives and policy experts to develop solutions to the challenges local leaders all over the country face, and to build public support for the transition and changes that are in front of us.

“As a new administration at the county council we have placed efforts to tackle climate change right at the very heart of our agenda. Membership of this organisation is an example of how we are seeking to up our game. The need to take action is immediate and our urgency reflects this.”