A VICAR from Oxfordshire has sewn his lips together as part of a protest outside the offices of a global media company owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Reverend Tim Hewes, who lives in Wantage, was photographed in London earlier today holding a sign that read 'Murdoch - the most destructive man in the history of the planet?'.

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The 71-year-old was also jailed in March for 14 days for gluing himself to furniture at the City of London Magistrates' Court.

In a statement published by Christian Climate Action, the Christian arm of Extinction Rebellion, he said: "I have sewn up my lips to demonstrate the terrible havoc Rupert Murdoch’s actions have reaped upon the world and to make this visible.

"Climate science and truth has been muted, those who suffer are not being heard."

After two hours Rev Hewes ended his protest and removed his stitches.