WE asked our readers on Facebook to complete this sentence: you know you're from Oxford when...

Here's what you said:

Janet Thornton: "Look in estate agents windows and you can’t afford the tiniest of flats."


Chris Michael: "You wake you up every morning in the best city in the best part of the country in the best part of the world and you have no idea how fricking lucky you are."

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Dawn Horton: "You get on your bicycle and fit right into the amazing scenery."

Jennifer Randall: "Don’t bat an eyelid at a 15 mile journey taking you over an hour to complete every day."

Gemma Drewett: "When driving up the A420 makes you feel nauseous."

Kev Dyer: "When I walk by the river, admire the architecture, have a pint in the Turf Tavern, read Lord of the Rings more than three times."

Oxford Mail: Oxford City Centre. Pic: Ed NixOxford City Centre. Pic: Ed Nix

Lucy Kilpatrick Melville: "Say 'twelve' to rhyme with 'valve'."

Sally Ward: "When you know what the rollers are; when you think it’s normal to see a shark sticking out of the roof of a house; when you know how to say Bicester properly and when you know what Aunt Sally is."

Susie Hunt: "When your rent is more expensive than a mortgage so you move away from the area."

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Blake Hughes: "When everyone else who hasn’t lived there thinks you walk round in penguin suits and sleep in a college."

Ian Morgan: "There are more flats for students than for the people that live in the city and waiting year's to get a house or flat."

Matt Linton-Smith: "Everything costs twice as much than elsewhere, because it’s Oxford."

Lauren North: "Was told as a kid to 'go play on the A40'."

Hayley Shmayley DM: "Give yourself an extra hour travel time to find a parking space at the JR."

Luke Williams: "When you're proud to tell people where you are from. Absolutely amazing city."

Oxford Mail:

Jess Wernham: "When all your friends from up north think you are really posh."

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Eric Hoare: "When you say Wolvercut, not Wolvercote."

Patricia Benn: "When you arrange to meet someone 'under the clock'."

Nick Wilby: "When you say 'barth' not 'bath'."

Calum Leary: "Have foreigners call you posh but really you’re about as posh as a fish finger sandwich."

Mal Harris: "Enjoy punting along Oxford’s stunning River Cherwell."

George Hogg: "Pull on that Yellow and Blue shirt from Oxford Utd. Because it's your club for life."

Stephen Penman: "Have traffic lights everywhere."

Lindsay Pill: "Have to detour everywhere due to ridiculous LTNs."

Noona Nafousi: "When you crave a Peppers Burger."

Brian Welch: "Dislike students."

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Tanya Davies: "Pay for parking."

Peter Green: "Know where all the free parking is."

Davros Lawrence: "People ask you which college you went to."

Kathy Gatiss Was Northfield: "You know what park end was."

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