Oxford Mail readers have been having their say on hospital waiting times.

We asked readers on Facebook: “Have you visited the John Radcliffe Hospital or the Horton recently? What was the waiting time?”

Many readers responded, with some providing details about how they had been cared for by staff.

Lots of people rallied around the nursing staff and doctors, pointing out they are doing an excellent job.

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ZOE CLARK: “8pm at night with autistic child. X-ray at 10pm for dislocated knee. Saw Dr at 3:30am. Home by 4.30 am. The Horton has got worse for waiting times.”

CINDY GILLETT: “I had a cataract removed a few weeks ago and I couldn’t fault the JR, all Covid safe and the staff were marvellous.”

ANN MAYO: “It really doesn’t matter how long people have to wait, as long as they get seen. People who complain about the wait should remember how hard the doctors and nurses worked through the pandemic. Putting their lives on the line for ours. They all put 100% into the long days that they work and are not paid accordingly.”

NICOLA JONES: “I’ve been lucky to still get all my appointments, with minimal waiting times at the JR/Churchill and Horton.

SARAH HEWITT: “My daughter went last Monday - five hours just to see someone - her pinky nail has been 90% ripped off the nail bed - 111 said to go to A&E as there was a possibility she had broken the finger so may have needed an X-ray…no X-ray. This was up at the JR.”

FI RODDEN: “I work in the NHS and staff are exhausted (that doesn’t touch the sides). I was so depressed by this question. But I’m glad I read some of the comments, thanks to everyone supporting their local NHS staff. They really need it.”

ALISTAIR JOHN: “Visit both fairly regularly. Always minimal wait time and fantastic, caring, professional staff.”

MATT JONES: “10 hours on Sunday after being admitted for chest pains following cardiac surgery. 10 hours.

I’m not blaming the doctors or nurses. I blame the politicians for putting the doctors and nurses IN this situation.

“Stop deflecting the blame to the staff, and think bigger picture here. These people (heroes of the people) are being strung up and abused at the hands of this government and it’s time for it to stop.

“Their latest pay rise of 3% is a joke and if you think it’s okay then you’re part of the problem.”

LUCY TANNER: “Been twice in the last couple of weeks and both times been walked straight through to beds and my daughter hasn’t had to wait. Can’t fault the staff, care or attention received at all. They were brilliant!”

ALEX NOTT: “It’s the best hospital on the planet. If you think you can get better medical treatment anywhere else for free, and with what else is going on in the world right now, then i suggest you go there from now on.”

ANNIFER LEACH: “Went Sunday morning to children’s A&E as advised by 111.

“We were told the wait time was 5 hours. So was getting ready for the long stay. Luckily the day staff had just started so more doctors. We were in and out in 55mins. I can’t fault the children’s A&E ward at all. They have always been great and really caring about the kids. I think under the circumstances the JR are doing an amazing job!”

JAMES RITCHIE: “They are great. Extremely lucky to have the nurses, doctors and surgeons we have here. Shame they are massively underpaid and have to pay for their own parking to be able to work. Waiting times is irrelevant as it depends on the injury.”

JENNIE MOSS: “My son had surgery at the Horton Monday, he was on a waiting list with John Radcliffe for just over a year.”

JENNY PEARSON: “All our hospitals are brilliant. We’re so lucky to have them.”

MARIAM ALMUSRATI: “Was at the JR A&E with a newborn baby and waiting time was less than a minute, all nurses were amazing at the children emergency.”

ANNA CLEAVER: “I cannot fault JR I had a corneal graft and they have been amazing. There is always a wait. It’s part of life but they are doing all they can.”

JASMINE SMITH: “I was in A&E a couple of weeks ago and they had to deal with 114 patients. It was full but they saw everybody on a need by need basis and done a fantastic job!”

BARBARA HAYWARD: “Have been to the Horton have had to wait, but only since March! Having my knee op next week.”

NIC CURZON: “Staff brilliant - parking horrendous.”