Where can you find a forever home in Oxfordshire?

A new study has revealed some of the county's most sought after locations to live- as homeowners simply don’t want to sell up.

Data compiled by WeBuyAnyHome, shows nearly an 8% increase in house sale enquiries over the last year in Oxfordshire.

However, when looked at more closely, the attitude towards selling homes differs quite drastically within the county.

West Oxfordshire has seen the biggest increase in home enquiries, at 114% since last year, followed by Oxford with a 39% increase.

But perhaps the place to find a forever home Cherwell, as homeowners there decided to stay put this last year, with home sale inquiries dropping by 28% over the last year.

Vale of White Horse saw a 9% decrease in housing sale requests, while South Oxfordshire remained the same as previous years.

The top reason for wanting move is upsizing, with almost one in five homeowners selling their current Oxfordshire homes for something bigger.

More than 14% of homeowners made an enquiry after finding their ‘dream house’, while just over 5% were forced to sell due to relocating or moving.

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Data suggests that people are trying to cut down on unnecessary costs as they begin to recover from the pandemic, with nearly 13% of homeowners selling their second home and 8% per cent downsizing.

Retirement accounts for 10% of Oxfordshire residents who have enquired about selling their home and divorce is the reason for just over 6%.

Have you thought about selling your house in the past year? What is the reason behind it? Let us know in the comments section below.