FURTHER consultation will take place to decide whether road blocks to prevent through traffic on residential streets will be introduced in East Oxford.

Results of consultation to implement Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) schemes covering Divinity Road, St Mary’s Road and the St Clement’s area were published earlier this month, revealing most people were opposed.

However, the figures revealed that those living within the proposed LTNs were predominantly in support, whereas those outside were against the scheme.

A decision on the East Oxford LTNs fell to Tim Bearder, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highway management.

After hearing from various members of the public, he opted to take up the officer’s recommendation and delay a decision.

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Addressing the council meeting yesterday, Mr Bearder said: “LTNs are a tool to achieve the goal of tackling climate change.

“Certain sections of the community are being disproportionately affected, such as those with disabilities.

“We will not be able to achieve change without some inconvenience.

“With my sincerest apologies to residents and those that want me to act fast with regards to climate change, please allow me a little more breathing space to get this right.

“I accept the officer’s recommendation to a short delay to do some more consultation.

“We know the substantive arguments on both sides of the debate.”

The outcome of the consultation will now be moved to a future meeting.

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A county council report states Divinity Road, St Mary’s and St Clement’s were chosen as ‘priority areas’ as they have ‘high volumes of through traffic and lower levels of cycle safety as a result of through traffic’.

The council consultation saw a total of 2,012 online responses received, in addition to 33 paper responses.

The report adds: “The consultation found that residents living in the proposed LTN neighbourhood particularly in the Divinity Road area show support for the proposals.

“Whilst residents in both St Mary’s and St Clement’s are largely supportive, there is also a significant level of objection.

“Views are polarised and opinion divided.

“Responders from outside the LTN area were generally against the proposals with around 60 per cent objecting to the proposals.

“Businesses were strongly against the proposals overall with around 80 per cent of business respondents strongly objecting.

“Overall, the data shows greater support for Divinity Road, St Mary’s and St Clement’s LTNs among residents living in the proposed LTN area, but much lower support from those living elsewhere in Oxford.”

The proposed scheme would see a barrier placed in Divinity Road, as well as several traffic filters placed on through roads between Iffley Road and Cowley Road.