We reported on the results of the consultation on plans for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme in east Oxford.

While the majority of respondents to the survey said they did not want to see an LTN in the area, a majority of the residents living in the roads affected - St Mary’s, St Clements and Divinity Road – were said to ‘strongly support’ the scheme.

The stories provoked a heated debate online...

Lauren Hutchinson: "Not a surprise really. They improve local quality of life on many measures, for many people and their families."

Alan Kirby: "Everyone likes living on a quiet road. But if you followed that logic, you’d finish up blocking off every road in the country."

Jo Sheward: "1. No one asked me and 2. No we don’t."

Colin Straughan: “Wouldn’t believe that. Think they are making the data up to suit. This is probably because the East Oxford LTN scheme is going to happen no matter what.many more pressing matters should be attended to before blocking roads with giant plant pots. Useless.”

The debate in the Oxford Mail’s comments section was more split.

‘Snes64delete’: “Well I’m not in the majority and I live in this area and I can tell you it’s only the nimbys that want this loony scheme imposed.

“None of these schemes anywhere have been successful and the poster boy Waltham Forest has the second most pollution in the London Boroughs plus no uptake in cycling.”

‘JellyJo’: “I live in this area and I am absolutely against this. My road will be used more and my asthma will be much worse. Stop these stupid schemes NOW.”

‘HomerSimpsonDohDohDoh': “80 per cent of businesses and 60 per cent of non-residents do not support this. So, when all the shops close the selfish people will have all the roads to themselves.”

Duncan Parkes: “Most of Oxford is already covered by LTNs. All newer estates are LTNs by design. It’s the older bits that date from before cars were ubiquitous which still need sorting out.

“I don’t think anyone wants pavements cleared of pedestrians. I’d love it if they could be cleared of parked cars though.”

Rog Blake1: “LTNs have proven to be complete folly everywhere they’ve been forced in. So much so, many boroughs are now rightly ripping them out. This is a classic example of bullying big government.”

‘Cowleyforniadreaming’: “That’s not a surprise. These schemes have been popular with locals despite the loud minority pretending to be the majority.”

‘Altunshan’: So who has the greater say, residents blighted by others’ driving addictions or those drivers themselves?”

Jane Gallagher: “We all want safe streets, good transport systems, healthy air. And we agree in general that Oxford is a smog bowl ruled over by cars as things stand. Car use has grown and grown (with most of us not realising it) to the point that something needs to change. Many of us are not happy with being told/suggested to change our car-using ways, but if the council makes it MUCH easier for many of us to use transport other than cars (bus, bike, walk, scoot, other wheels), that will make the change easier. Result is fewer cars on roads - a win for safety, a win for health and a win for those who HAVE to use their cars - as the roads are clearer.”

‘Life’s too short’: “Many dismissed the objectors as just ‘noise’. Well, that noise was deafening and was heard loud and clear. Congrats to all those who supported in whatever capacity including the many businesses who displayed banners and were threatened with boycotts.”

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