RESIDENTS of East Oxford support plans for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood [LTN], new data has revealed.

Oxfordshire County Council proposed plans for an LTN trial in East Oxford (including in St Mary’s, St Clements and Divinity Road) to help reduce congestion and traffic pollution.

Survey results from the councils month-long consultation reveal that while the majority of respondents gave a resounding ‘no’ to the proposed plans, the majority of respondents who actually lived in the East Oxford area, 'strongly supported' the scheme.

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In the Divinity Road area, 62 per cent of residents strongly supported the scheme, in St Mary’s 42 per cent strongly supported the scheme, compared with 39 per cent who strongly opposed, and in St Clements 42 per cent strongly supported compared with 37 per cent who strongly opposed.

Nick Welch, who is the chair of the pro-LTN Divinity Road Area Residents Association (DRARA) said he was ‘not surprised’ at the results of the consultation.

He said: “There has been a huge response, and officers have put an enormous amount of work into the survey.

“It is not surprising to us that the LTN has attracted significant opposition – but it shows the importance of needing an LTN.

"The number of people who do not support the Divinity Road traffic filter shows how it is everyone’s favourite through-road and why it is essential to have it.

“We need to have a proper traffic system, which includes LTNs – it is part of moving towards a city that is not continuously gridlocked.”

Magdalen Road resident of 20 years, and former Lord Mayor, Craig Simmons, also shared his thoughts on the results of the consultation.

He said: “People in St Mary’s ward have been very well consulted.

“These schemes are controversial when they are first conceived, but overtime people love them, there will always be a ground spell of opposition from those short-cutting through the streets.”

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East Oxford Mum-of-two Emily Pillinger is hoping the LTN still goes ahead, so her car-free family can get around the city more safely on a bike.

“There are two reasons why I support the scheme – one is being a resident and the second is that I am very anxious that we are living in a climate emergency – we need to get people out of cars.

“This is not purely a local issue – it’s a global issue – but this is one way we can manage it on a local level.”

Ms Pillinger is also extremely concerned about the safety of her four and six-year-old when cycling around Oxford – which she says is unsafe.

“Drivers do not respect the speed limits and they do not respect small cyclists – so we have to do something more radical to make this change.”

Danny Yee, who lives on Howard Street, said safety is the primary motivation for the LTNs.

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He said: “We have to make a shift to walking and cycling and the only way to do that is to remove traffic on small streets.”

Next week, the council will discuss the outcome of the consultation and decide how it wants to proceed.

County Councillor, Damian Haywood who represents Iffley Fields an St Mary’s, said: “The county council is fully supported of the LTNs in the St Mary’s area.

“We need them, these roads weren’t designed for the amount of traffic that goes down them and recent research shows that by reducing the traffic down these roads, results in less accidents along these roads.

"But we are aware of people’s concerns of the traffic on peripheral roads, such as Iffley Road and Cowley Road, and we are looking for resolution and understanding.”