A NEW school, homes for bats and birds and a rugby pitch could be seen across the county if plans are approved.

Other building projects include a new footpath and allowing a temporary building, that was used during as scientists from Oxford were researching the AstraZenca Covid-vaccine, to stay in place for another two years.

For more information on the city’s planning applications please visit oxford.gov.uk/planning

A NEW school could be built soon in order to house more children.

This week, Oxfordshire County Council submitted an application to build a new Farringdon Primary School on the land South of Park Road in Farringdon.

The new school would have one and two-story buildings, as well creating recreational areas such as a netball court, play area and a sports pitch.

Provisions for school parking would also be included.

The project would take a year to complete, according to planners.

The consultation has now begun.

Reference: R3.0097/21 [Oxfordshire County Council]

A PLACE for bats to roost and birds to nest will need to be provided at a new 40-house development in Witney.

This means before the development at Blackditch, Stanton Harcourt, takes place, houses will need to have the necessary provisions put in to provide nesting opportunities for several types of bird, including the House Martin, House Sparrow, Starling, Swift and Swallow.

It will also need to provide provision for bats to roost.

Reference: 21/02571/CND [West Oxfordshire District Council]

A NEW rugby pitch, fitted with six floodlights, and a surrounding fence could soon be installed.

The application to Vale of the White Horse District Council was made by Faringdon Rugby Club and would be placed on the club’s existing site.

Reference: P21/V1686/FUL [Vale of White Horse District Council]

A NEW footpath and bridge, connecting a business park with a wildlife area could be created.

The bridge would connect Minns Business Park on West Way in Botley to Hinksey Wildlife amenities area.

Two apple trees would be removed in the process, but the Willow and Pear tree would be kept in its place.

Reference: P21/V1919/DIS [Vale of the White Horse District Council]

A TEMPORARY clinical research space at the Centre For Vaccinology And Tropical Medicine Churchill Hospital will be allowed to stay in place for two more years, it has been confirmed.

The single story building was created in August of last year as a temporary measure set to only last one year.

The building was required to help facilitate the Covid-19 vaccine trial as a research base for clinical studies, as part Oxford University’s emergency response.

A year ago, when the initial application was submitted, it was believed the facility would only be required for 12 months, however, due to the rise in the number of different Covid variants and the risk these variants pose, the research needs to continue.

The hub will be used to help create protection against emerging variants and make booster jabs.

The University has said in two years time the building will be removed and will be restored to the condition it was in before the development took place.

However, the application also says, if the Covid-19 pandemic were to continue further than 2023, the building may need to stay in place for a longer period.

A SPORTS pavilion will be demolished and replaced with a newer model if all goes to plan.

The sports ground on Abingdon Road in Kingston Bagpuize will be reconfigured to allow for the new changes.

The latest conditions needed for the application to continue, including showing the property has proper drainage and showing a cycle lane layout have been met.

REFERENCE: P21/V1748/DIS [Vale of White Horse]

Reference: 21/01919/FUL [Oxford City Council]

For more information about what other planning applications have been made across the county please visit:

•Oxford City Council: public.oxford.gov.uk/online-applications

•West Oxfordshire District Council: westoxon.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planning-permission/view-planning-applications

•Vale of the White Horse District Council : whitehorsedc.gov.uk/vale-of-white-horse-district-council/planning-and-development

•Cherwell District Council: planningregister.cherwell.gov.uk/Planning/Display

•Oxfordshire County Council: oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/environment-and-planning