Two nights of partying in Carterton will go ahead despite police objecting due to “multiple incidents of disorder, drugs misuse, intoxication and possible licensing breaches being reported to the police”.

Chris Jones applied to WODC's Licensing Panel for additional late night opening hours to hold an event at the Siege of Orleans, Giles Centre, Alvescot Road, from 4pm on Friday [23] and from noon on Saturday until 1am inside the premises and in the alleyway.

The event, to celebrate the easing of Covid 19 restrictions, is due to have both live music on Friday and a DJ on Saturday and be restricted to 100 people.

Thames Valley Police Licensing Officer Ian Wares said in his report the Neighbourhood Policing Team and local police sergeant “have raised concerns about the increase of crime and disorder incidents being reported in and around the premises”.

“There has been several reports from service personnel to the Royal Air Force Police about drugs misuse in the premises by service personnel.”

These included two males using cocaine in the toilets and a known serviceman seen to snort a line of cocaine off a table top.

A call reporting two females in the ladies cubicle taking cocaine and heard one complaining that she had a nose bleed.

His report said that in May with the consent of the premises management police carried out a drug swab sample in both the Ladies and Gents toilets and both resulted in HIGH readings of cocaine use.

Incidents of disorder included a report from the RAF Police that there had been an altercation between two servicepeople where one of them threw a glass at the other hitting him on the nose and causing injury.

A report of an altercation between a group of travellers and RAF personnel and another report of a fight in progress and criminal damage to surrounding property.

Mr Jones responded: “The alleged incidents that have been reported are NOT accurate representations of the environment in the Siege. Drug use is not tolerated and never will be.”

On the police drug swabs, he said: “The most recent reading is of major concern to the premises, however we have shown historically to action this and put measures in place, which have resulted in future drug swabs to be recorded at zero levels.

“I do not believe the bar represents something that will lead to increased levels of crime and disorder and it is actually a place where large parts of the community come together in an inclusive, respectful, independent and hospitable environment.”

The licensing panel agreed that the Temporary Event Notice could be granted to midnight instead of 1am.