The issue about school pupils being asked to keep their blazers on during the heatwave prompted lots of Oxford Mail readers to respond with their views.

As temperatures across England soared above 30C this week, several schools in the county relaxed their uniform policies to help students cope with the summer weather.

But pupils at King Alfred’s School in Wantage were told to keep theirs on.

Now, after hundreds have signed a petition calling for a relaxation of the rules, the school has relented.

There has not been any official statement from the school but it is understood that pupils no longer have to wear blazers in classrooms of at break times.

Karren Linney, who set up the petition earlier this week, said: “Since I have spoken with the school regarding the situation I have been told that the children will now not be refused to take them off if they ask.

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“This, however, isn’t a policy that has been stated or spoken about on parent emails.”

Readers supported parents in their bid to get the blazer policy overturned.

SUSAN DAVIES: “They have a duty of care and this making children wear a blazer in these conditions is in my view is breaking that duty of care and putting the children at risk of heat stroke.

“It’s disgusting.”

LAURA SIMPSON: “The Oxford Academy stopped blazers a few weeks ago, why on Earth would a school still make kids go in wearing jumpers and blazers during 30 degree heat?

They have a duty of care and that includes the students not becoming ill due to suffering heat exhaustion that could lead to heat stroke - which can be extremely serious and needs immediate medical attention.

“Do we really need to petition for this to become a law for schools to take this seriously?!”

CALLY HILL: “Refusing a child to take off a blazer in this heat it a total disregard to that childs safeguarding. And the rights of the child.”

L-J PIP: “Should be cotton T-shirt with the logo on it to keep the school happy and children we have this option at our school .

“Common sense when weather changes. Health and safety.”

JOAN LEAHY: “Good heavens!

“When I went to school you wore a blazer to and from school and if you were too hot on the coach you removed it.

“Never forced to wear it in school it was hung on a peg. In these temperatures it is unwise to get too hot. Poor children.”

DEBBIE HOUNSLOW: “Haven’t schools broke up now i know didcot girls school have , and from April they can where summer uniform so no blazer luckily.”

ELLA LITTLE: “A lot of the schools don’t even have a summer uniform, its the same uniform all year round.”

DEBBIE HOUNSLOW: “It’s not fair on the kids is it.”

ELLA LITTLE: “No its not.”

AMY SMITH: “Ridiculous! I bet none of the teachers were wearing their suit blazers either, glad I removed my kids from this ridiculous school.

“They, thankfully, went to a school they allowed them to wear PE kits all week.”

KATE JOHNSON: “I don’t understand how this is Ok…..

We all have different body temperatures, so who has the right to tell you to keep a jacket on at any point, let alone in these soaring temperatures!

“I hope the same rule applies to the staff and whoever made these rules.”

KAYLEIGH TYRRELL: “I remember getting a detention due to taking my blazer off without asking the teacher.”

NICOLA CARRON: “The Oxford Academy stopped blazers a couple of weeks ago due to the heat.”

LIANNE JONES: “Absolutely disgusting!”

AMY WHITEHOUSE: “Children being made to wear blazers in this heat to ‘represent’ the school - while teachers wear what they want.

“This is absolutely disgusting!

“My son goes to this school and I’ve made my feelings to them very clear but they just don’t care.

“Image is more of a priority over a child’s welfare.”


DEBORAH OLIVER: “Please sign the petition!”