Eco protester Gabriel came down from his tree today to make his own renovations to Bonn Square, in Oxford city centre.

The 34-year-old has staged a four-day treetop protest about a proposed £1.5m revamp of the square, which involves chopping down a group of sycamore trees.

But this afternoon, he popped down from his makeshift shelter in the one remaining tree in the square to join three friends in tidying up the area.

Gabriel and his pals redug two overgrown paths, before returning to his tree for the night.

Gabriel, who refuses to give his last name, said: "We have dug up the old path so people can see how nice it is. If they brought it back to what it was instead of sanitising it, then that would be magic."

The protesters also asked members of the public to sign a petition against the redevelopment.

Gabriel said he believed there might be an effort to evict him tomorrow morning.

He said: "I am going to be hanging on at the top by a rope.

"As long as the tree is still there, we can win."

Oxford police chief Supt Brendan O'Dowda told the Oxford Mail on Saturday: "I am happy for him to stay up there and do not think he will cause any harm."

Gabriel climbed up into the branches in the early hours on Thursday morning in a bid to delay the work. Passers-by have been handing him food and clothing.