PUPIL and parent power won the day at an Oxfordshire school where children had been told not to take off their blazers despite the heatwave. 

As temperatures across England soared above 30C this week, several schools in the county relaxed their uniform policies to help students cope with the summer weather.
But pupils at King Alfred's School in Wantage had to keep theirs on.

Now, after hundreds have signed a petition calling for a relaxation of the rules, the school has relented. Pupils no longer have to wear blazers in classrooms of at break times.

Karren Linney, who set up the petition earlier this week, said: "Since I have spoken with the school regarding the situation I have been told that the children will now not be refused to take them off if they ask. This however isn't a policy that has been stated or spoken about on parent emails."

On the petition Karren described the situation before the change. She said: "The children are hot, uncomfortable, and irritable, which does not make for a productive, engaging child. 
"One child was refused permission to take off her blazer three times in one lesson – she then ended up being extremely poorly at home. 
"Another child, also possibly due to the heat on the previous days, was sent home due to feeling faint. 

"Children will concentrate more if they feel comfortable."
Ms Linney pointed out that health conditions like asthma, eczema and hayfever can also flare up if a person's body is too hot.
Nearly 400 people have already signed the petition.

King Alfred's headteacher Rick Holroyd confirmed students are now not required to wear blazers for most of the school day including in the classroom or at break and lunchtime.
Mr Holroyd added: "Some students choose to continue to do so of their own volition, and without any complaint, but the vast majority have taken up the option not to do so.
"We have simply asked our students to have their blazers with them and to wear these only at the very brief transition points in the day. However, for the vast majority of the day, students are not required to wear a blazer. 

"We are not punishing or issuing any sanctions for any student in regard of the blazer policy.
"Furthermore, we will be reviewing our current policy in the event that we experience further very hot spells, and we will take the views of our supportive parents into account when doing so."