AN EIGHT-meter long mural to encourage people to think more about the environment has been painted on Fairfax Road in Oxford.

Alex Singleton, a trained artist, was commissioned to make the mural after his Banksy-styled mural on Sandy Lane was shared around on social media.

Mr Singleton said: "A great chap loved it when he saw what I had done - but he wanted to make it an environmental theme.

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"He had brought up three children, who are now all grown up, but he was concerned for his grandchildren's futures.

"I sent him some sketches, which he liked, and told me I could go ahead."

The artist decided to use a quote from young activist Greta Thunberg to 'bring the message home'.

The mural was also commissioned to brighten up the property.

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The artist added: "His neighbours were overjoyed by the creatures I painted and the overall positive message I included.

"I got lots of offers of tea and sandwiches - anything I needed."

"Overall, the mood has been cheery along Fairfax Road and I met some great people through my creative endeavour."