Didcot residents have defended Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka, after a local Facebook group shamed her for having surgery.

The Spotted: Wallingford, Benson, Cholsey, Crowmarsh and Brightwell group posted an old photo of Sharon, sporting a McDonald’s uniform, on July 6.

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Oxford Mail: Didcot residents defended Sharon on the postDidcot residents defended Sharon on the post

Alongside the photo the group also wrote: “Sharon from Love Island saying she’s only ever dated bankers or doctors.

“Don’t forget your roots. And the comment of “of course I stand out in didcot, I mean, look at me”.

“Oh please! Look at all the work you’ve had done to “stand out”.”

Residents in the group were quick to come to the 25-year-old civil servant’s defence.

One resident wrote: “You know love Island isn't real life right?

“It's a show. They're told what to say and directed. Get a grip and stop being so salty.”

Another said: "Ah she's ok just wants to put herself out there everyone has to start from the bottom .. good luck to her."

A third resident commented: “Someone sounds a bit jealous… Ex boyfriend maybe.”

Others called the post 'horrible' and the person who wrote it a 'giant pot full of jealousness'. 

Sharon was dumped from the Love Island villa last night after a shock recoupling which saw newcomers AJ Bunker and Danny Bibby chose who they wanted to couple up with.