AN OXFORD school pupil has recorded a charity CD in aid of his brother, who has a rare form of cancer.

Myron Buist, 13, watched as his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, before his older brother Kasper, 16, was then diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in November 2020.

The cancer usually affects children under the age of 6, and often develops in head and neck area.

Before she died, Myron’s grandmother suggested he produce a CD in her memory, however Covid-19 proved a stumbling block.

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Myron’s mother, Oonah, said: “My mum had the idea of Myron singing with his friend Archie and whether they could make a charity CD in her memory.

“Myron thought it would be way too hard, but they started practising and recording – and then Kasper was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer.

“Initially there was a huge element of shock, and lockdown got in the way of carrying on with the CD, but Kasper’s diagnosis made them feel like they had to do this properly.

“With the boys getting older and their voices starting to break, we were desperate to get the project done.”

The final recordings were completed at Easter, and the CD was released on Saturday.

Oxford Mail: Funds raised from the CD will go to the Childhood Cancer Research Trust. Picture: Ed NixFunds raised from the CD will go to the Childhood Cancer Research Trust. Picture: Ed Nix

Mrs Buist said: “It’s been a steep learning curve but the boys were so determined to get it done.

“Kasper was in hospital over Christmas and New Year, and the reality of what it was like to be without him became increasingly stark for Myron.

“Kasper has just completed his last round of chemotherapy, his ninth cycle.

“He’s now likely to have to do maintenance chemotherapy, which will start in a month or so.”

Proceeds from the CD will go to the Childhood Cancer Research Trust, a charity Kasper is in the midst of setting up.

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Mrs Buist said: “A positive aspect of all this is that Kasper has looked at how cancer affects children.

“He’s become very interested in the treatments available, and he’s in the process of setting up a charity to look at childhood cancer research, in order to benefit the children that come after him.”

Kasper’s father, James Buist, added: “Since Easter, we’ve had all the cuts, edits and artwork – the whole thing is quite time-consuming.

“Our motto is that the CD is 400 years and five languages of music, with it all being classical.

“Kasper has been doing all this while doing his GCSEs – four and a half weeks of daily radiotherapy, and he was going from the radiotherapy in the morning to exams in the afternoon.”

Oxford Mail: Archie White and Myron Buist. Picture: Ed NixArchie White and Myron Buist. Picture: Ed Nix

Mrs Buist praised the boys’ school – Magdalen College School – for its role in supporting the family.

She said: “The school has been amazing and supportive – they made it very clear that day or night, weekend or holidays, they were there to discuss things with us.

“The pupils have also raised money, through sponsored football and bikes rides – and the teachers have supported that.”

The album, Love Is, features 21 songs and is available to purchase via