These animals from Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary are looking for their forever homes.

The dogs, cats and rabbits are all available at the Stadhampton based sanctuary and are on the hunt for loving homes, with the full list of animals available online.

The sanctuary also has information available on their website about their adoption process, if you have set your heart on one of these adorable animals.

Could you be the owner these animals are looking for?


Oxford Mail: BanksyBanksy

Banksy is a Crossbreed Terrier who is described as playful, fun and affectionate and he loves human company.

He needs an owner who is experienced with resource guarding so please only apply if you understand this behaviour.

Can you see this little guy running around your garden? 

Oxford Mail: Roxy Roxy

Could this sweet girl be your (very big) lap dog? 

Roxy is a Rottweiler and Mastiff cross who is a “big goofy cuddle monster”.

She needs a home with no children and an owner who is at home most of the time.

Oxford Mail: WillieWillie

Is Willie, the little guy with one eye, the one for you? 

Willie is a Chihuahua cross who is also playful, affectionate and fun.

He needs an experienced owner without any other dogs and no children under 16.


Oxford Mail: BellaBella

Bella is “the sweetest and friendliest little cat once she’s made a bond but is very nervous to begin with”.

The sanctuary adds that "she loves a lap cuddle and really relaxes when being brushed".

She can live with sensible children aged 12+ but does not like loud noises so children need to be 'cat savvy'.

Oxford Mail: BunnyBunny

Bunny is a very affectionate and loving boy but has incontinence issues.

The sanctuary says he does his best to use the litter tray and succeeds most of the time but has accidents.

This is due to him having had a tail pull injury before coming into their care.

Oxford Mail: FozFoz

Foz is described as a shy and timid boy who has been used as a breeding cat most of his life.

He needs “lots of time and patience to settle and trust people”.

Can you bring the gorgeous Foz out of his shell? 

Oxford Mail: JackJack

Oxford Mail: JillJill

Jack & Jill are inseparable and must be adopted together.

Jack a gentle giant who is soppy and affectionate, although he’ll let you know if he doesn’t like something!.

While Jill is very timid and doesn’t appear to trust people very much.


Oxford Mail: BasilBasil

This little guy looks like he has stepped right out of a Beatrix Potter book. 

Basil is a single male, looking for a wife.

He will need to be adopted by someone with a spayed female.

Oxford Mail: DottyDotty

Do you have a handsome male rabbit and loving home for Dotty? 

Dotty is a single female, looking for a husband.

She will be adopted to someone with a neutered male.

What should you consider before buying a pet? 

We are a nation of animal lovers and across the UK there are 9.3 million dogs, 10.3 million cats, 1.1 million rabbits. 

We have laws to protect our pets and under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 pet owners are legally obliged to care for their pets properly, by providing the following basic welfare needs: 

  1. A suitable place to live. This should include the right type of home with a comfortable place to rest and hide as well as space to exercise and explore. 
  2. A healthy diet, including fresh clean water. This should include the right food for your pet's age and the right amount so they are not underfed or become obese. 
  3. The ability to behave normally, or 'naturally' for their species, such as being able to play, run, dig, jump, fly etc.
  4. The appropriate company, including any need to be housed with, or apart from, other animals. For example, in the company of their own kind for sociable species like rabbits or guinea pigs.
  5. Protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease. 

It is important you consider lots of things before committing to a pet, such as how often you will leave it on its own if you live somewhere that it can venture outside and if your household is animal friendly. 

Both the RSPCA and PDSA have a wealth of information about animal care for new and experienced pet owners alike.

The RSPCA emphasises that most rehomed pets aren't puppies or kittens and they have a 'personality ready-made', 'a past that's unique to them' and a 'lot of love to give'.  

Please note: the animals are available as of the publication of this article.