Oxford Mail readers have reacted after it emerged that a second TV series of Jeremy Clarkson’s farming show has not yet been commissioned.

Clarkson’s Farm, about the TV presenter’s farm at Chadlington, near Chipping Norton, has proved popular on Amazon.

But it is not yet definite that there will be a second series and readers have been revealing what they think about the show.

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Mr Clarkson tweeted on July 1: “Dear everyone. There has been some speculation that a second series of our farming programme has been commissioned. It hasn’t but we are hopeful.”

The series on Amazon Prime has led to farm manager Kaleb Cooper being recognised in the street.

STUART PARKER: “Probably Clarkson put the price up of the second series as the first series was so popular so Amazon told him where to go.”

KEVIN HOLLOWAY: “Very good watch and there’s got to be another season - top man and I honestly loved watching the first season - bring another season quickly please.”

BARBARA GEAKE: “More please - loved it! Needed a good laugh.”

HARRIET CLEWS: “Wouldn’t watch him if you paid me.”

OWEN WHITEHOUSE: “Really enjoyed the first season. It Would be a shame not to have a second.”

GILLIAN RICHARDSON: “Loved the show so funny and showed how farmers struggle.”

RACHEL DARBY: “Loved it and so did everyone else maybe another channel will pick it up!”

DEBRA DAY: “Amazon are not very bright - I really enjoyed it. As far as I know it did really well what’s the problem? Give the people what they want Amazon.”

MARK TANNER: “Wonder how much he wanted to be paid to do a second season and if that was the reason?

“Just a thought - I did enjoy it though.”

JANE DORAN: “Why not? The best thing I have watched all year - bring it back.”

SALLY WORTH: “Best programme on TV.”

RUSSELL THOMAS: “One of the best TV shows I’ve seen in years - it would be made not to do another series.”

BERYL PARRY: “I loved the show - can even watch it again.”

MANDY DAWSON: “We thought it was great - need more.”

ROGER HISCOCK: “Never seen it, never will.”

TONY BENNELL: “Outrageous. One of the best series ever shown on Amazon.”

STEPHEN EASTER: “Yes so funny. Plus good ad for chipping norton. Kaleb has always been hard working - very funny.”

TARA KNOTT: “They have already announced a second season.”

MAGGIE VJESTICA: “I found it informative and funny, would definitely watch another series.”

DAVID WAUGH: “Best thing on TV in a long long time!”

AARON MARSH: “Would a sequel be as good? What made this one work was his genuine reaction (albeit over-dramatised in places) to all his new farming encounters and experiences. How would you progress? Watch him expand the farm into other crops? What will that add?”

DONNA CARR: “The best show - I loved it and will be very disappointed if we don’’t get another.”

BEN EBELING: “It hasn’t been cancelled. He says so himself!”

PAUL WHITTAKER: “Best thing we have watched in ages - need a second season.”

SHEILA WOODLEY: “Brilliant show had me in stitches, more please.”

GRAHAM BARTON: “I learnt so much about farming from this show - Clarkson showed how difficult it is, with all his money, fame, still had to rely on a 21-year-old lad to teach him.

“I was amazed at the knowledge he had and how he put Clarkson in his place.”

JESSICA KIMBER: “It’s a brilliant show.”

JILL BURNINGHAM: “I really enjoyed the programme.”

LORRAINE LISA: “I loved it. It gave me an insight to farming that i hadn’t seen or heard before.”

RETHE HURN: “Why not it’s a great show loved it.”

DELORES: “It’s fantastic.”

SARAH WILLIAMS: “I think it’s ludicrous! The only show to highlight the plight of British farming and it’s not having a second series! I want to see if the arable farming side had a better turnover after another year of farming!”

JOANNA HIGGINS: “Brilliant.”