A CONCERNED councillor has said she is worried that Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, implemented by Oxfordshire County Council, will cause a 'displacement effect' for some locals.

LTNs were introuced to Church Cowley, Temple Cowley and Florence Park by Oxfordshire County Council in March.

There are also plans to introduce several more LTNs to East Oxford if plans get approved next week.

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Oxford City Councillor Linda Smith, who represents Lye Valley, said: "Residents of Lye Valley and the wider Cowley area continue to contact me concerned about the displacement effect the LTN schemes are having.

"Traffic is being deliberately concentrated onto so called main roads which cannot cope and which are also residential, causing misery for residents and locals who need to move through the area to go about their essential business."

Ms Smith, who has already raised concerns, will speak about the issues again at the council's full meeting on July 26.

Last month, the councillor raised concerns that the Cowley LTNs were leading to 'more frequent conjestion' throughout the city.

In response to these concerns,  the city council said that traffic monitoring was now underway and would be shared once it had been analysed.

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Cllr Smith was also assured that the city council was monitoring air quality in Lye Valley in order to better understand the traffic impact of the LTN road blocks.

She added: "I hope to hear more about the monitoring being carried out by both councils so I can reassure residents that the county council’s decision about the future of the LTN trials will be based on solid evidence about how well they are working, and that any unforeseen consequences for neighbourhoods beyond the LTN zones will be fully taken into account."