Oxford Mail readers have been sharing their views on England’s Euro 2020 final defeat at Wembley.

Gareth Southgate’s team lost on penalties to Italy on Sunday night.

After drawing 1-1 after extra time, the game went to a penalty shoot out with the Italians taking the trophy.

England fans across Oxfordshire watched the drama on big screens in pubs and at home, together with supporters across the country.

Some readers said they felt proud of the players, despite the defeat.

Read again: Oxford fans proud of England team despite defeat

After being asked to describe how they felt in five words or less some fans managed to keep their tributes brief while others said more.

Some fans’ thoughts are now turning towards the World Cup, with qualifying games starting in the autumn.

SIMON HORWOOD: “Chiellini red card!”

NAOMI CREW: “Proud of our team. Absolutely disappointed in the way some of the fans have been reacting with the violence and racist comments.”

KIRAN ABUBAKAR: “Proud but painful.”

ADELE FRANKUM: “Very proud to be English.”

DONNA RANDALL: “Tired and proud.”

ANDY KING: “Ashamed of our supporters.”

PENNY JAMES: “I am so proud of England.”

CLARE PORTER: “Proud but disappointed.”

PETER DWYER: “Boris Johnson attacks England players for taking the knee, then says he’s upset by racist abuse - Isn’t racist abuse why they take the knee?”

ALISDAIR RAMSAY-MACKENZIE: “Upset, yet proud of England.”

MARTIN HAZELL: “Proud of our team.”

PATRICIA DORAN: “Proud - World Cup awaits.”

GORDON VARLEY: “Flat as a pancake.”

ALICE STYLES: “Moaned all the time as they did not let Rashford play and he did that silly penalty.”

JANE LEWIS: “I don’t think it should be decided on penalties I think it should be a golden goal.”

BILAL MUSLEH: “Will always be with you.”

SHARON COX: “Disappointed but extremely proud.”

SARA MARTIN: “Proud that we played clean!”

JASON MORGAN: “Exactly how I did before kick off.”

LAURA SIMPSON: “Proud! I also suspect the World Cup song for next year will be ‘please come home for Christmas’.

AARON PRATLEY: “I’m England till I die!”

KAREN WHITE: “Proud - they played absolutely brilliant.”

KRYSTLE KEEN: “Very proud.”

SARAH KNOWLES: “England Team still made history.”

KEITH LEE: Proud but heartbroken.”

JOANNE CYPHER: “Proud of our England team.”


MIKEY DEVILLE: “England’s glory - legends.”

ANNA ANTELL: “Proud of the team but shame because of sickening fans and racist behaviour.”

GITA BHANVRA: “So proud of the team - so disgusted at the vile racism.”

PAUL NICHOLAS: “Not the least bit bothered.”

TONY WARHURST: “Exhausted - proud to be patriotic.”

MARTIN CLARK: “Yesterday’s news - now roll on the Olympics!”

JO ORAM: “Gutted, but proud of them.”

ANKAN NAIK: “Devastated.”

SANDRA THOMSON: “Proud of our team.”

JACKIE BILLINGTON: “Proud - England team played clean.”

TOYAH MANSFORD: “Couldn’t be prouder.”

KELLY RICHENS: “Proud - my heart aches for them.”

MARY MALONE: “So proud of our boys.”󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


STEPHEN VINCENT: “Proud of the England team!”

AL ALLEN: “Hate football, well done though.”


SHIRLEY EDWARDS: “They did their best.”

PETER DWYER: “Adele said the Euros ‘brought us all together’; the social media attacks show how false that is.”

GARY THOMAS: “So Saka follows in the footsteps of Southgate.”


OXFORD MAIL READER: “I’m proud of the players.

“Gareth Southgate has been amazing and an inspiration.”