Two restaurants in Oxford owned by the same Italian family are sporting joint Italian and English pride, ahead of the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

Italian restaurant La Cucina and neighbouring Cuttlefish are supporting both Italy and England with specially themed national dishes.

Both restaurants are run by Alberto and Yola Brunelli, who have owned La Cucina since 2006 and Cuttlefish since 2016.

Yola Brunelli, manager at both venues, said: “For us we are in two camps because at La Cucina all the Italians are, of course, rooting for Italy but at Cuttlefish we are trying to be supportive of England because we have fish and chips.”

La Cucina is pushing pizza pre-orders and flatbreads ahead of Sunday, with a special pizza designed in the style of the Tricolore Italian flag.

Mediterranean-themed Cuttlefish is supporting the English side with burgers and classic fish and chips for £8.95.

Yola said: “We are really respectful of England so as long as the football is good all the guys in the kitchen, and all of the Italian chefs, will be happy.

“I think it’s all about game really, it is the positive vibe and whoever wins will be the best team.”

Yola added that Alberto, who is from just outside Milan, is a big Juventus fan if Federico Chiesa is playing on Sunday he has 'high hopes' for the Italian side