Hairdressers in the UK will have to learn how to work with all hair types, after a recent review of the sector's practice standards.

This is big news for people who have afro and textured hair as they have not been able to get a cut or style at hair salons on the high street because hairdressers are not trained.

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How is Afro hair different to Caucasian or other hair types?

Afro hair requires different treatment because of its coarse and coily texture.

Unlike thin or fine hair, it needs to be moisturised regularly with hair creams and oils because if it is too dry it becomes prone to breakage. It is also prone to tangling due to it being super curly.

Afro hair also does not need to be washed every day or even every other day. Hair experts Afrocenchix, recommends people with Afro hair to wash their scalp every 7-10 days with a gentle sulphate-free shampoo.

Most black women in the UK tend to style their hair in 'protective' methods to prevent breakage. These are styles such as braids and twists where the ends of your hair are tucked away and can be kept for six to eight weeks.

Different tools and products are used to manage and style Afro hair because of its texture such as styling gels, scalp and hair oils.

Unnatural styles such as hair straightening also require a lot more work because of this reason.

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