Have you ever wondered who else in the country loves your favourite chocolate bar? Well, wonder no more as a new study has revealed the nation’s favourite chocolates for World Chocolate Day (July 7).

Using Google search data, Casino.co.uk complied a county by county list of the UK’s favourite treats.

According to the data, Daim scored the top spot in Oxfordshire with the most Google searches by residents. Whilst Munchies Chocolate claimed the very respectable second place position.  


In neighbouring Buckinghamshire, the Curly Wurly and humble Milky Bar Buttons scored first and second place.   

In both Northamptonshire and Gloustershire the clear favourite was Snickers.

Toblerone took the crown in Warwickshire while in Berkshire the Twirl was king.

Across the UK, Snickers came out on top as the overall favourite, topping the charts in 39 counties.

Toblerone was the nation’s second choice (eight counties) and Caramac came in close third (seven counties).

Where did your favourite score? 

Here is the full list:

Let us know what yoru favourites are in the comments.