PARENTS are increasing calls for a crossing at a school after a pupil was hit by a car.

Plans to install a zebra crossing outside Heyford Park Free School were dashed earlier this year due to a tree that needed pruning, although the county council says this issue will be resolved by the summer holidays.

Sigrid MacDonald said her 11-year-old son was hit by a car outside the school last month, suffering bruising and a twisted ankle, but no serious injuries.

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Ms MacDonald said: “There have been plenty of near accidents on the road.

“If it would have been a smaller kid, I don’t even want to think about what could’ve happened.

“If there would have been a crossing sorted, this would not have happened.

“There are so many cars speeding on the road even if it has a 20mph speed limit.”

Oxford Mail: Heyford Park Free School. Picture: David FlemingHeyford Park Free School. Picture: David Fleming

Another parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Residents of Heyford Park have been battling for a crossing in front of the school for five years now.

“Warnings about the dangerous road have been ignored by Oxfordshire County Council and despite finally agreeing a crossing is needed, it still has no date for installation despite a pupil recently being hit by a car in front of the school.

“There aren’t even any school road markings meaning inconsiderate drivers park on the road, obstructing traffic and causing road chaos.”

A spokesperson for the county council said the local authority has been in discussions with the school and the developer, Dorchester Living, to improve road safety.

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The spokesperson said: “A zebra crossing was not requested during the planning stage of the development but Dorchester Living has worked closely and positively with us since that time to get this installed as soon as possible.

“Unfortunately, plans to install it during the Easter half-term holidays were dashed when a Tree Protection Order was put on a tree that needed pruning in order to install the Belisha beacon for the crossing.

“We are hoping this issue will be resolved by the summer holidays, and Dorchester and the school are working with the tree officer on requirements around that issue.

“There is nothing to stop the school from applying for a crossing supervisor in the meantime and Oxfordshire County Council has been in discussions with them to discuss how they can apply.

“However, this role would become redundant once the crossing is in place.

“In addition, Dorchester Living agreed to pay for and submit an application to reduce the speed limit along the road to 20mph and install any necessary signs and lines needed once this has been approved, although the consultation on the speed limit reduction received a number of objections from local residents.

“Once implemented, these measures will have an added impact on safety.”

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