Cries of ‘football’s coming home’ greeted the final whistle as England secured their place in the Euros quarter finals.

Delighted fans ignored the spray from long-forgotten cans of lager as they celebrated England’s 2-0 win over Germany.

Callum McGuire, 25, watching the game at The Bullingdon on Cowley Road, said: “I feel ecstatic. We’ve got to remember this. There’s a good chance we don’t do this again.”

Just 45 minutes earlier, as England fans glanced at the 0-0 score with nervous optimism, Mr McGuire told the Oxford Mail he was an ‘absolute barrel of nerves’. “It worries me that we’ve actually been the better side in the first half,” he added.

His friend, Joshua Ramli, 24, said as the final whistle blew: “I feel fantastic. We’ve had clean sheets all the way through.”

Oxford Mail:

Oxford Mail:

Enthusiastic celebrations after the final whistle blew

Running the bar, Paul Williams, said that the quarter finals on Saturday would be ‘amazing’ – but suggested fans should book their tables early.

For many, it was the first time they’d watched football in a pub setting for a year. One of those watching, 18-year-old Kipp, said: “If we had to stay at home watching the Euros it would have been alright but it wouldn’t have been anywhere as good as watching it with your mates.”

Ed Coles, 19, said: “It’s perfect. We haven’t been here for nearly a year and a half now. It’s such a different feel. It’s so nice and we’re very excited.”

Cowley friends Dom and Matt were watching in The Bullingdon’s front bar. Matt, 26, said: “It’s the atmosphere. You see the scenes from the last World Cup, with everyone chucking their beer in the air.”

While that wasn’t on the cards for Tuesday night’s game, with drinkers having to pre-book tables, Matt added: “It’s the atmosphere and the passion.”

Scarlet, 21, said: “The atmosphere is really cool. It’s been a while since I’ve been around people screaming.”

That screaming began early. As excitement built, the first cries of ‘football’s coming home’ rang out part way through the second half.

Raheem Sterling’s goal in the 75th minute was met with delirious celebrations from the almost 70 fans in the back bar. Those celebrations were repeated 11 minutes later when captain Harry Kane converted a cross from Jack Grealish to make the score 2-0.

As enthusiastic fans spilled out onto Cowley Road, there were chants of ‘football’s coming home’. Two police officers got into the mood, briefly illuminating their patrol car’s blue lights as they crawled past the fans.