Oxford Mail readers have been quick to respond in the debate about whether people should be allowed to smoke in beer gardens.

We posted on Facebook: “A whopping 60 per cent of people say smoking and vaping should be banned in beer gardens. Do you agree?”

And lots of people replied, giving their views on whether a ban should now be introduced.

While some were in favour of a ban, others thought it would lead to more pubs closing.

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ROB PRATLEY: “This is actually one of the best questions you’ve asked in a while Oxford Mail well done on this one - I agree it should be banned!

WARREN LEACH: “No and that’s coming from a non smoker.”

PAUL LIVINGSTONE: “So since I wer a lad growing up in Oxford I’ve watched the slow demise of the pubs, thanks mostly to shops selling cut price alcohol and now the final nail in the coffin would be to ban smoking areas, you either want pubs or you stand outside Tesco.”

CLAIRE RYMAN: “I think this will be the end of pubs if you do this. I’m a non smoker.”

JEMMA LEWIS-WEBB: “Whatever happened to the freedom of choice. I choose not to smoke, however others choose to smoke. Outside is better than inside. Don’t take it away completely, that would be unfair.”

CARL JOY: “Leave smokers alone - it’s their choice - you got them kicked out of pubs.”

Oxford Mail:

SALLY-ANN NEAL: “I don’t agree, when the smoking ban came in smokers were chucked outside so non smokers could enjoy smoke free pubs. I agree with that as the pubs smelt of smoke all the time.”

ABI HAMLIN: “In 2005 when the first ban came into force numerous pubs closed due to loss of business, those who smoked and smoked socially stopped going out as much.

“The revenue decreased dramatically.

"To ban smoking from outside is just smacking in the final nail in the coffin. We seem to be living under a dictatorship rather than the free country we are apparently meant to be. Cigarette sales won’t decrease because of the high tax revenue. More pubs will close as people will choose to remain at home buying cheaper alcohol from the supermarket rather than spending it in the pubs. More people die through alcohol abuse than smoking. I am a smoker and I was also a bar manager.”

AMY SWANSON: “It’s outdoors. Plenty of other things to worry about then just breathing in vape or cig smoke.”

MATT BULLOCK: “Definitely not. We need to encourage people to go to pubs not put barriers in their way.”

LIAM BRAMHALL: “They’re only saying that because it’s the summer and non smokers sit outside. Wait until it’s raining and snowing, then they dont want to sit outside. They won’t bother moaning then.

TOM NOLAN: “Yes, but not yet! Maybe when things are back to some kind of normal. Beer gardens are usually full of children so generally I think its a good idea!”

TRICK LOOMBORN: “No. It’s outside.”

NEIL ROBINSON: “Just make cigarettes £20 a packet, then give the cash to the NHS.”

KIRSTY COLLINS: “No - go inside or have certain smoking and non smoking tables.”

MARGARET COOPER: “Yes I would like smoking banned everywhere.”

HAN LOU TENK: “No! Seems like no one can enjoy anything any more. I recently gave up smoking and started vaping and you know what it’s cheaper to drink in my own garden where I can’t be told what to do anyway.”

HELEN PRESCOTT: “The same people who want to ban smoking outside in pub gardens are probably the same people who drive gas guzzling 4 x 4s to take their children to school.

“If they ban smoking outside I think we should also ban barbecues stinking me out from my own garden.”

PAUL GODDARD: “Remembering when smoking indoors was allowed, maybe we could do the same out doors by having an area for smokers.

“I don’t smoke but don’t mind others smoking, but while we are all having to be outside maybe separate areas is the answer.”

BERTIE NEAL: “If you stop people from smoking and vaping in the pub garden you won’t have any customers.”

LORRAINE GREEN: “Whatever next - I don’t smoke or vape but for goodness sake just let people go about there own life at the end of the day it’s up to them - there’s too much control going on.”