Oxfordshire has its fair share of resident celebrities, but new data has revealed which famous people those in the county search for the most online.

A map created by website The Pudding shows city names replaced by their most Wikipedia’d resident.

According to the map Emma Watson is the most searched celebrity in Oxford. The Harry Potter star was brought up in Oxford where she attended the Dragon and Headington Schools.

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945, was the most searched person in Woodstock. This is probably because he was born at Blenheim Palace.

In Bicester, Charlie Ross made it to the list. He is an antiques expert and appears on several BBC antique programmes.

Former footballer and manager Jimmy Giles is the most searched for in Kidlington.

As for Southern Oxfordshire, comedian Peter Cook was the most searched in Radley; actor Toby Jones was the most popular for Abingdon and comedian and broadcaster Matt Richardson was the most searched in Didcot.

In Sutton Courtenay, actress Helena Bonham Carter was the most searched, and in Wallingford Black Mirror writer Charlie Brooker was searched for on Wikipedia the most.

Crime novelist Agatha Christie is the most searched person in Cholsey, and author of the book ‘1984’, George Orwell, was the most searched in Henley.

In Wantage, Alfred the Great made it to the list. He was the king of Wessex from 871 to 886 and the King of the Anglo-Saxons until 899.