Oxford Mail readers have been giving their views on Jeremy Clarkson's new show Clarkson's Farm and his companion Kaleb Cooper.

The show on Amazon Prime has been getting positive reviews and Mr Cooper is now recognised wherever he goes in the Chipping Norton area.

Readers on the whole have been enjoying the series and are charmed by Mr Cooper's down to earth personality.

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Oxford Mail:

MARY THOMPSON VOGWELL: "He's brilliant though! Respect to all those farmers out there!"

FIONA ADLINGTON: "Kaleb will be on I'm a Celebrity or Dancing on Ice before we know it...he's hysterical and I'm praying the trappings of fame don't change him - he's a diamond."

LORNA GIPSON: "Jeremy's dry wit and commentary is great. Can tell he admires Kaleb and the shepherdess looking after the sheep."

MARK WILLIAMS: "'Been to London once, but stayed on the coach' - absolutely loving this series."

CHRIS BURRELL: "Best thing I have seen in many years - I love Clarkson's wit and storytelling."

CHRISTINA DONNEVERT: "Absolutely loved this show.

"Kaleb, cheerful Charlie and Gerald were amazing and it was refreshing to see Jeremy humble and vulnerable at times."

SHARON BRYAN: "My son and I watched all of this on Thursday and it was brilliant. Kaleb was brilliant! Hope there's another series."

LESLEY FORD: "Kaleb is brilliant - streamed last night, great series!"

NINA BAHAL: "Kaleb needs his own series! Absolutely brilliant! I know all about farming thanks to him and Jeremy!"

RICHARD KIRKBY: "It's about time we had something good to watch on TV like Clarkson's Farm instead of all this PC woke rubbish and washed-out celebrities trying to dance or cook and making total fools of themselves."

MARIBETH CUNNINGHAM: "Loved watching this show! Jeremy, Kaleb and Gerald are fantastic - my husband and I laughed so much! It was great!"

KELI MARDELL: "That boy is amazing - made me laugh so much. One of my favourite bits.. Clarkson explaining about Moses.. Great lad."

DECLAN FLYNN: "I love Clarkson's approach and delivery - he has a knack of drawing you in (unless of course you hate him!). However Kaleb gave him a dam good run for his money in every interaction. I would truly love to see another year at the farm."

MARTIN RUSSELL-RAYMOND: "Kaleb was amazing in this programme and was a complete rock for Jeremy."

ANDY BAKER: "I don’t really think Kaleb realised how famous Clarkson actually is.

"I really do hope that this experience doesn’t adversely effect him. I’d like to think the show will provide some protection (physical and mental). The cast are decent people."

ELAINE MOSES: "Kaleb was brilliant - loved the way he spoke to Jeremy. Made us laugh."

LENA TOUQAN: "Kaleb is the star of the show!"

MARGARET LITTLE: "Loved watching it - originally from Oxfordshire but enjoyed watching the English countryside."

BECCA COLLACOTT: "Fantastic show - Kaleb you were brilliant. Keep smiling."

FRANCIS BICKERSTAFF: "Yes more what an education both these gave us while amusing us.

"What a change to see Clarkson serious and it looked like he worked hard and gave it his best shot.

"If they do another year it would interesting to see how much better they can do.

"I was bought up in a hamlet surrounded by farmers but didn't really appreciate what they had to cope with."