A COUPLE from Oxfordshire have become online sensations, scoring a legion of fans - including singer Shayne Ward and actor John Barrowman - on the video sharing app, TikTok.

Emma Mason, 43, and Hayley Kearney, 52, who both live in Abingdon, have been entertaining people from as far afield as Australia and Sri Lanka with their hilarious videos and livestreams.

The pair started making videos last year after they were both placed on furlough.
Since then, they have gained more than 175,000 followers and 3.6 million likes on the popular app, have made friends with people from across the world, have been sent generous gifts from fans.

Oxford Mail: The pair laugh as they put a phone filter on their dogThe pair laugh as they put a phone filter on their dog

They have even been recognised on the streets of Oxfordshire by people who have seen their videos.

While Ms Kearney was 'very reluctant' to make TikTok videos, she was encouraged by the kind feedback they received.

The couple, who had been working in a factory that makes batteries for electric vehicles for 15 years, were both made redundant in May this year.

However, the support the two have received from users on the app has been 'overwhelming' and has helped them through the very difficult months coping without work.

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Ms Mason said: "People we meet on TikTok have been absolutely amazing.

"Someone did not want to get out of bed one day and they said they scrolled through TikTok and they laughed so much at our videos that we made their day.
"You do not think that by just posting a video, you can have a positive effect on people, but you can – it is crazy."

Ms Kearney added that it is a 'pleasure to know' that they are helping people in their darkest moments.

Oxford Mail: The fun-loving couple are based in AbingdonThe fun-loving couple are based in Abingdon

The couple were even shocked to be gifted a canvas of themselves with their 10-year-old daughter Millie from a user who follows their videos.

Describing their content, Ms Kearney and Ms Mason said they are just trying to have fun, so people after 'silly', 'funny' and 'crazy' videos should search their TikTok name 'emma69m'.

One user Valerie Smith, who lives in Leicester, has been a big fan of the couple's account for months.

'Absolute tonic'

She wrote to the Oxford Mail to explain their impact on her own life, and called the pair 'an absolute tonic' that 'never fail to brighten' her day.

Ms Smith added: "They are known for their hilarious games and Emma's terrible gag reflex.

"Every video I saw I was crying with laughter. All this during the pandemic, when all of us were struggling and generally a smile was a long way away.

"They have now become friends for life.

"My husband and I live in Leicester and now regularly drive over to Abingdon to spend the weekend with them where we do nothing but laugh."

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