Foodies can sample different dishes from around the globe at Gloucester Green market in Oxford.

While street stalls come and go, there are a number of restaurants in the square off George Street which are permanent fixtures.

Among them is BBuoana pizzera, formerly Buonasera.

The Italian restaurant on the corner stayed open throughout the lockdowns to serve customers takeways, winning praise on reviews site TripAdvisor.

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Now it is being relaunched with a new name, BBuona Pinsa and a new menu based on a special recipe for its pizzas - or as BBuona is calling them Pinsas.

According to the owners, Pinsa has an ancient tradition,dating back to Ancient Rome and its peasant families.

A member of staff at BBuona

A member of staff at BBuona

It was originally a recipe to use left-over cereals and flours that could not be sold in the markets and the farmers used them to make a crunchy and light focaccia.

Pinsa Romana today is made of wheat, rice and soy mixed with water, oil, natural yeast and salt.

It contains very little yeast, and it’s lighter and more digestible than pizza.

Founder Alessandro Bianchetti said: “It’s always been my ambition to combine the true flavour of Roman Pinsa with the contemporary needs of people in the UK, focused towards lighter and more genuine products. A Pinsa one can have any time, every day. That’s why I created BBuona.

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“The Pinsa you can taste now at BBuona is a 48-hour raised dough but we are working on a 72-hour raised dough to make it even lighter, more digestible, bubbly and fragrant.

A new menu has been launched at BBuona Pictures: BBuona

A new menu has been launched at BBuona Pictures: BBuona

“Pinsa Romana is simple in its ingredients, it just involves a long processing and specific phases (such as double cooking as per tradition to dry out the water before the stuffing.

“This makes the premium quality of ingredients (along with correct processing) even more crucial for the authentic final taste. This is why we have been searching for new Italian typical ingredients like Burrata, garlic oil, gorgonzola, Milano salami, and Parmesan cheese aged 24 months.”

The menu has been updated and now includes Tris Bruschetta, three slices of toasted Pinsa topped with cherry tomatoes, grilled peppers, and grilled aubergines, plus Bbuona Fantasy, a selection of Italian cured meat served with burrata cheese, olives and Pinsa bread.

Cooking Pinsas at BBuona

Cooking Pinsas at BBuona

Varieties of Pinsa include Marinara – with organic tomato sauce, oregano and garlic oil, Margherita di Burrata – on top of classic Margherita (with Fior Di Latte Mozzarella) and Buffalo Margherita (with fresh buffalo mozzarella from Campania – slow food).

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Pinsa Chef Selim added: “We have been 1st Italian Restaurant in Oxford on TripAdvisor for a long time.

Making Pinsa Picture: BBuona

Making Pinsa Picture: BBuona

"This is thanks to our customers, who show us how much they appreciate our love for good food.”