AN ENTIRE neighbourhood in Oxford is searching for a missing therapy dog, who helped his 'devastated' owner deal with anxiety and panic attacks.

Since five-year-old SJ disappeared from Jeannette Filija's home in Rose Hill on June 2, an appeal to find the beloved pet was widely shared on social media.

Oxford Mail:

The Russian Toy Terrier came into Ms Filija's life only days after she lost her previous dog in a tragic traffic accident back in December 2016.

SJ disappeared only days before his owner's birthday while he was left in the house overnight.

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Ms Filija believes that he was taken during an attempted burglary and is now in the hands of two homeless people in Oxford.

She spent days tirelessly canvassing around Rose Hill, Cowley, Iffley Road and even Blackbird Lleys even though she has serious mobility problems and 'nearly collapsed' from exhaustion.

In an emotional plea following SJ's disappearance, Ms Filija said: "I am absolutely exhausted, I worry day and night about my boy, and what has happened to him.

Oxford Mail:

"I need the public's eyes to be on the streets.

"I have not been able to sleep in my bed, I just stay in the couch in case he returns to the front door.

"My panic attacks have also gone through the roof."

Many neighbours touched by Ms Filija's story have been searching for SJ, even those who do not like dogs, she explained.

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Thames Valley Police confirmed that an investigation into this is now ongoing.

The 42-year-old resident found SJ on Gumtree with the help of one of her friends and since then, he has come into the role of a therapy dog.

But Ms Filija pointed out that he is so much more than that.

She said: "I cannot have children and SJ is my little baby.

"I am infertile and I have never been able to have a pregnancy, so SJ is my chosen son.

"I hope that people understand how important he is to me.

"Saying that might mean that it pulls someone's heartstrings and if until now, someone has known something but did not want to say it, then it might make a change.

"I will do anything I can to find out what has become of him because I simply cannot carry on like this.

"I have not slept in my own bed now for three weeks since he went missing because I cannot bring myself to go to bed without him."

Anyone with information can contact police by calling 101 or making a report online quoting reference number 43210242229.

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