The boss of a plane charter start-up was caught doing more than 100mph on the Oxford bypass.

Connor Millar, 28, was behind the wheel of a 2018-plate Volvo V40 when he was clocked at 105mph on the A4142 Eastern Bypass near Cowley on March 7, 2021.

His brief, Ahtiq Raja, attempted to persuade the magistrates to keep any driving ban to two weeks.

Millar had recently started a new firm chartering private planes, which meant he had to travel to airfields in isolated areas around the country. If he received a lengthy ban it would put his company – and £150,000-worth of investment – at risk, the magistrates were told.

Mr Raja said: “He understands he must be punished by the courts for the offences. His early guilty plea is a firm indication of how sorry Mr Millar is. There is no justification for it. It was a new car but that doesn’t make any difference, Mr Millar understands that. He puts his hands up and says he’s really, really sorry.”

The business director lives with his octogenarian grandmother, who still works at the John Radcliffe Hospital and is driven to work each day by Millar.

Chairman of the bench Caroline Jones told the Oxford man: “We have listened carefully to what’s been said on your behalf. However, as you know that [is an] excessive speed in that area and we are not willing to disqualify you for 14 days.

“It is a road all of us use regularly, sometimes with children in the car.

“But we accept what’s been said, we accept you are a decent, hardworking person.”

He was disqualified from driving for 28 days, fined £637 and ordered to pay £154 in costs and surcharge.

In a parting shot before Millar left the court, Mrs Jones added: “You’ve said it’s been a shock. I hope it has and we don’t see you driving again at that speed.”

Millar, of Court Farm Road, Oxford, had pleaded guilty by post to a single count of driving at excess speed. At the time of the offence he already had six points on his licence - imposed in 2018 and 2019 for speeding.

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