A MOTHER-OF-THREE from Oxford was left fighting for her life after undergoing a breast augmentation surgery and a thigh liposuction in Poland.

Instead of a confidence boost, Laura Clarke, 35, was diagnosed with sepsis shortly after returning from Woclaw where she travelled to to get the cosmetic surgeries.

Since the trip back in 2015, the resident has had to undergo a number of procedures including skin grafting.

Ms Clarke spoke out about the 'terribly upsetting' experience: "I started feeling pain and discomfort pretty soon after the surgery.

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"By the following day, I was in agony and felt feverish.

"I told the nurse changing my dressings but she said I was fine.

"My condition got worse, and when I got back to the UK my family took me straight to hospital where I was diagnosed with sepsis.

"It was a huge shock but it made sense as to how unwell I was feeling.

"All I want now is answers.

"I nearly lost my life because of what happened to me.

"It has completely changed my life and I want to make sure that this does not happen to others."

As a result, Ms Clarke instructed specialist international cosmetic surgery lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the care she received in Poland.

Her team issued claims against the surgeon, the clinic where the procedures took place, and the relevant insurers.

The claim continues to be defended and, several years on, no admissions of responsibility have been made.

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Irwin Mitchell revealed that they were left with 'no option' but to proceed to trial.

Following the hearing earlier in June, Cheryl Palmer-Hughes, specialist international cosmetic surgery lawyer at the firm representing the victim, said: "The past few years have been incredibly difficult for our client, firstly falling seriously ill after undergoing surgery and then having to cope with several revision procedures.

"There is also a chance she will continue to need further surgery in the future.

"We have made strong legal arguments as to why the care Ms Clarke received fell well below expected levels and will continue to support her at this difficult time.

"Meanwhile, we would always urge anyone seeking cosmetic surgery abroad to ensure they understand any potential risks regarding the treatment and those carrying it out.

"It is also important to know the details of insurance in place in case of anything going wrong, such as in Ms Clarke's case."