AXE Throwing and archery are among the energetic activities being offered to visitors to Blenheim Palace this summer.

Thrill seekers of all ages are being invited to aim for targets in the grounds of the Woodstock stately home in sessions organised by the Bushcraft Company.

“We’ve introduced a series of outdoor activities as part of our summer programme and where better to hone your archery skills than against the backdrop of one of the country’s most magnificent palaces,” said Blenheim Palace’s Head Guide Sylvain Richard.

“Originally it was mainly aimed at youngsters, however it’s also proving to be extremely popular with older visitors and so we are encouraging everyone to join in. I had a go, along with some of the other guides, and we loved it!

“The current palace was actually built as a monument to the first Duke of Marlborough’s military successes in the 18th century.

Oxford Mail:

“However, Blenheim is also the site of Woodstock Palace, which is believed to have played host to no fewer than 16 British monarchs over its 700-year history, with everyone from Ethelred the Unready to Henry VIII having spent time there.

“It was also the scene of famous jousts, with the Earl of Pembroke being killed there during a tournament on 30th December 1389 at the age of just 17 so current visitors are following in a long line of martial sporting activities,” he added.

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