PLANS to roll out e-scooters in the middle of Oxford may be put on hold for the foreseeable future.

However, the scheme is still likely to be expanded into areas like Cowley and East Oxford soon.

Phase one of the e-scooter trial has taken place in Headington and New Marston, and there had been plans to extend the zone where the scooters can be used to East Oxford, Cowley, Rose Hill, Iffley, and the city centre south of St Giles during the second phase.

Tim Bearder, Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet member for Highways Management, said this expansion would now be divided into different stages instead, because of concerns from Oxford city councillors about how the e-scooters would take up valuable room in the crowded city centre.

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He said: "We decided in talking to our city council colleagues that actually it needed to go through the that step process so we can keep learning, because once we have got them in the city there is no going back and if we get it wrong it could cause consternation with people in competition for that space."

An official announcement on the next stage of the plan for the e-scooters is expected soon.

The e-scooters are part of a trial run by a company called Voi, which is also conducting similar schemes in cities across England.