READERS have reacted to the news that Oxford Stadium will reopen.

Kevin Boothby who runs two other greyhound tracks at Towcester and Henlow has secured a 10-year lease from owners Galliard Homes.

Here's what readers have said following the news so far:

michaelwmbe: "Kevin Boothby who has acquired the lease for Oxford Greyhound Stadium to re-open deserves all the support from the people of Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley area securing more leisure facilities for the county.

"Oxford Stadium is a sleeping giant of being a successful leisure facility the stadium never ever lost money when operating shamefully it was stripped to the bones by the last owner who invested nothing in the stadium but it still drew crowds to.

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"This stadium when opened will take many young people off the streets and create many jobs for an area in need of this."

Teddyruxpin: "Excellent news. It will create jobs and would be good to be able to have events there again like clubs for kids."

WestQuarterJay: "As if Oxford needs people driving to see dogs go round in circles more than it needs the new homes that site could provide."

Meggymoo: "Used to love a night at the dogs, but sadly Greyhound racing has had its day. Harry Findlay after buying Coventry greyhound/speedway track, said he was going to do the same in Oxford. Two years later it hadn't happened and Coventry had closed.

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"Used to be over 100 dog tracks in England alone, now just 18. The only reason Oxford originally survived was because it was a BAGS track, it will not get a BAGS contract. Sorry but if it does open, it will be short lived.

Nosey Parker: "Was hoping this barbaric 'sport' was coming to an end but seems we are going backwards on ethics yet again. Start treating these animals nicely and people might approve.

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"I for one never will, as having had several ex-racers, they're just thrown away (or worse) when they stop making anyone any money. Guess people have forgotten the days of dogs running round Blackbird Leys after races?"

Razor Boy: "Great news. When it opens I will have a dog running there. 
Kevin Boothby is also re-opening Mildenhall greyhound track under the name Suffolk Downs. Last year he re-opened Towcester greyhound track too. 

"For the poster who reckons we owners discard greyhounds after making us all that money - I have never, ever made a penny. I do it for the love of seeing the most graceful of canines do what they love run and chase. On retirement these well adjusted, pampered dogs are offered to new owners or live out their lives with their racing owners.

"As regards being abused, who in their right mind would spend decent money on a racing dog and then treat it badly? You want to see your dog run well and hopefully win. Good luck Kevin Boothby and Oxford Greyhounds, see you soon."

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