Hopes for summer holidays abroad faded after travel rules were tightened amid growing concerns over coronavirus variants and mutations.

Travel bosses faced 'another lost summer' after Portugal was added to the amber travel list just weeks after the holiday hotspot reopened for British tourists.

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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps blamed the move on 'a sort of Nepal mutation of the so-called Indian variant' having been detected, and an increased test positivity rate in the country.

Countries on the amber list mean travellers have to to self-isolate for 10 days on their return.

We asked our readers on Facebook whether they had sympathy for people who had to cut their holiday in Portugal short and here's what you said:

CHRIS HILSDON: "Sorry but no sympathies for them. We are in the middle of a pandemic and it's reckless to go off abroad on holiday. Plenty of time for foreign holidays once pandemic is over."

JACKIE BUSBY: "Nope. Can't believe that people - especially with children - have been so stupid. I would like nothing more than a break in the sunshine but common sense says stay home."

PATNBRIAN TALBOYS: "No. Should not have gone in the first place, unless, of course, an absolute emergency. Too many selfish people who only think of themselves and not others."

DAVID MIDDLETON: "Hell no. They made a choice and there’s a pandemic out there. Have they learnt nothing in the last year? Oh and it’s not the Government’s fault either. They need to live with their decision. If it was me, I’d finish my holiday and isolate when I got home. Such people need to stop blaming others for the consequences of their own decisions."

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GORDON CRAIG: "Only partially. I think that taking the risk was not entirely sensible but the fault lies mainly with the Government and the way they have put out this range of messages. Either travel should be allowed or it shouldn't. The addition of amber zones was just designed to confuse, like much of the pandemic the communication from Hancock, Johnson et al has been truly dreadful."

MALVINA BOW: "Personally I also believe it is morally wrong to travel to a country where not everyone has been fortunate enough to get the vaccine yet."

ALISON BOYES: "Government has always advised not to book foreign travel it was always a possibility this could happen."

RICK KETLEY: "People were warned that this situation is fluid and they should not travel abroad for holidays."

HARRY HALE: "Absolutely not, if they didn’t realise that the situation is very fluid and can change at short notice then they will get no sympathy from me."

RETHE HURN: "I don’t think there should be any holidays abroad this year. Think people are being very naive if they think they will be able to holiday abroad this year."

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JOANNE PICKETT: "Not sorry for them, but wondering why the mad rush to get home without isolation is a thing?? If they're a danger to the citizens of UK, for just being in Portugal they should all isolate anyway."

STUART COOPER: "Stay in the UK. There are thousands of miles of beaches here, mountains, lakes, beauty spots etc."

SAMANTHA CREED: "I think people have short memories. It was only a year ago everyone was trying to get back from France. I personally won’t be going abroad for a while but it’s a choice you make. Just appreciate the risks and be prepared to suffer the consequences."

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