OXFORD's firefighters have appealed for the safe use of flares after a shed was lit on fire by one and another 'narrowly avoided a house'.

A crew from the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service's Rewley Road station was called to an incident involving flares yesterday afternoon.

According to the fire service, flares were launched in Long Lane.

Flares are devices made from explosive chemicals, designed to show where someone is during an emergency.

A Facebook post from the service said of the flares: "One of which has caused a fire to a shed and another which narrowly avoided a house.

"Flares are only to be used in emergency situations, not in built up residential areas as they can be incredibly dangerous."

The fire service added: "If you have any information on who may be launching the flares or where they are being launched from, please contact our colleagues at Thames Valley Police on 101 quoting URN 1584."