A FEMINIST pop-up installation that explores women and their ongoing struggle for equality sees uncomfortable facts and figures drenched in glitter.

Numbers (For Girls) is the first work by a brand new collective of Oxfordshire-based creators, called the Powersuit Collective.

The installation will be shown as part of Oxford’s Offbeat Festival 2021.

Creators of the sparkly installation say it was inspired by the group's collective sheer exasperation.

The group decided to channel that exasperation into something positive, but with a slight pinch of sarcasm.

The Powersuit Collective said: “We use humour to lure you beyond your comfort zone and explore uncomfortable ideas, tropes and taboos.”

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The installation sees uncomfortable statistics made to be more eye-catching and ‘girly’ with pink writing and glitter.

The installation will also provide a snapshot of how women have been negatively affected by the pandemic, compared to men.

The Powersuit Collective say audiences can expect to learn some ‘cold, hard truths’ about what it’s like to be a woman, with a healthy dollop of satire for good measure.

Alongside the visual statistics, the installation will also feature spoof job advertisements for 'Women Who Can Do It All!', instructions on how to write the perfect work email with just the right amount of smiley faces, and recorded reenactments of zoom meetings from hell.

Numbers (For Girls) can be seen at the Old Fire Station Studio for Offbeat Festival from 23 June to 26 June10am - 5pm.

It will also be live streamed so people can view it online from the comfort of home.