DEMONSTRATORS in cars sounded horns and partly blocked a city centre street in a noisy show of support for Palestine tonight.

The protesters draped Palestinian flags over cars and shouted slogans through megaphones as they drove in convoy through the largely deserted city.

They were spotted in Summertown, Cowley and other neighbourhoods before driving up Beaumont Street and stopping in St Giles.

There they rallied activists with messages of support for the people of the Palestinian territories, shouting "Freedom for Palestine."

It is not yet known who organised the protests, which were part of a series of demonstrations to have taken place in the city, and across much of the country, in recent weeks.

The Palestinian territory of Gaza suffered weeks of airstrikes from Israel last month, in which almost 250 people died. The targeted strikes were in response to rocket attacks on Israeli communities, themselves in retaliation to a land dispute in Palestinian East Jerusalem and allegations of police brutality in Jerusalem after clashes at the Al-Aqsa mosque/ Temple Mount -  a holy site revered by both Muslims and Jews.

Oxford Mail:

Gordon Husband watched the protest in Beaumont Street. He said: "They were noisy and perhaps a bit fast, but didnt cause any harm and I guess a lot of people probably sympathise with them."