WE reported on locals being asked for their views on a new Low Traffic Neighbourhood that is being introduced in East Oxford.

Oxfordshire County Council will be rolling out the scheme across Divinity Road, St Mary’s and St Clements to ‘make the streets safer and more pleasant for everyone’.

LTNs work by preventing through-traffic and ‘rat-runs’ between certain streets by adding filters and boulders at specific junctions.

Earlier this year, LTNs were introduced to Church Cowley, Temple Cowley and Florence Park.

While a number of residents have been strongly in favour of the quieter and safer streets, others have been outraged.

Here’s what our readers on Facebook said about the possibility of more LTNs in Oxford:

OLY SHIPP: “I guess everyone wants safer, cleaner and quieter streets, so if this helps then I’d love to see more of them.”

LAUREN GRIFFITHS-WALFORD: “But not everyone will be getting quieter, safer and cleaner streets though.

"Has everyone forgotten that people live on main roads and surrounding roads of LTNs that all this traffic is being forced onto or do they not count?”

ANFISA BASHKIROVA: “I have read few complaints about Holloway. I live here and drive for nearly 12 years. It has always been a problem and very heavy traffic. As far as I can see nothing changed, it is at the pre-pandemic level.

“The peaks are as always during school times and lows are throughout the day. Same concerns on Donnington Bridge.

"Six years ago I used to work at Beaumont Street and the journey to work used to take me an hour, 30 minutes of which would be spent on Donnington Bridge and Abingdon Road.”

MAT HILLS: “Living on Holloway this is making life very difficult.

"It’s taking twice as long to do certain journeys. Something does need to be done but this is not the answer.”

GARY HERITAGE: “The people who make these idiotic decisions don’t live anywhere near the area and probably never been there to experience their decisions.”

JAVI GARCIA BAYON: “Divinity Road doesn’t need an LTN, what it needs is to be a one-way system with Southfield Road. This would improve massively the flow of both roads.”

LAURA SIMPSON: “I want whoever is making these decisions to come drive around these areas at peak times.”

Ben Short: “Fantastic idea that saves the lives of children. Super fab.”

CHLÖE CLARK: “My blood is close to boiling over. The LTNs are affecting me as a disabled person. I have to drive, yet it’s bumper to bumper everywhere.

"One exit off my area straight onto a road with road works which are causing a nightmare. I am fed up of it.”

ARI SMITH: “Why do people who live on Holloway for example or Donnington Bridge have to put up with constant traffic and bad air quality 24/7 yet others should have no traffic on their roads?

“If you want to live in a quiet street then move to a village. I live on The Slade and have decided I don’t like all the traffic and how unsafe it is so can we put a LTN barrier blocking it?”

Lianne Jones: “Divinity Road. You’re definitely asking for trouble.”

Aleks Lesi: “I wonder who’s childish idea this has been? The roads are there but are not.

"There has to be other better ideas than just keep spending money on taking on and off some wooden squares in the middle of the roads which in the bigger picture create more problems then they solve.”

MARTIN BOURTON: “It’s causing traffic chaos and gridlocked roads is not the way to go. Remove them. I could understand if people keep getting run over but they don’t, so get rid I say.”

SUE LEWIS: “Stupid, stupid, stupid. The Cowley Road was absolutely grid locked yesterday.

"All these things will do is make things worse, traffic at a standstill causes more pollution. The council hasn’t got a clue.”