A bespoke luxury clothing brand launched in Woodstock last week taking its name from an Oxford business that became an institution.

Duckers Style takes its name from Ducker & Son – a traditional shoe makers in Turl Street that traded for 118 years.

Ducker & Son was founded by Edward Ducker in 1898. A limited company was formed following the deaths of Ducker and his wife in 1947.

It closed at the end of November 2016 and its archives are now held in the Bodleian Library.

The shop was featured in the 2007 romantic war drama film Atonement starring Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Duckers Style co-founder Jason Bevan, 51, decided after 35 years of working for other people he would launch his own brand in lockdown.

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He said: “In the early 90s I was selling casual designer brands in a shop called Acorn on Turl Street. I stayed friends with Bob and Isobel [Avery] since then and after they retired in 2016 Ducker & Son closed its doors.

“I called Bob to ask for his permission to use a name that was close his company and his first words to be were ‘Jason, I would honoured and flattered!’

“Ducker & Son created a tradition of rewarding yourself with a pair of their famous shoes when studying at Oxford .

“We want to continue this tradition with clients treating themselves to their first custom-made suit with Duckers Style.”

 The new store sells made-to-order garments such as two-piece luxury wool suits starting from £1,200 , custom-made shirts from £150 , casual overshirts £450 and a new addition of custom-made trainers at £275.

Mr Bevan’s business partner is Jordan Rouse, 25, who originally trained as a hair stylist before moving into fashion retail.

Mr Rouse said: “All of our garments are individually made to order and take approximately four weeks to produce for the client.

 “We have a studio in Woodstock were we host private appointments and also have offices in Cheltenham and central London.

“We also offer a complimentary travelling tailor service to allow customers the flexibility of us working to their busy schedules.

“We are extremely proud to be offering a custom made tailoring option for ladies as we feel this an emerging market for modern women.”

The launch party was attended by local businesspeople and entrepreneurs as well as friends and family.