A LOW Traffic Neighbourhood scheme [LTN] will be extended for a further six months.

Now, therefore, the LTN trial in Church Cowley, Temple Cowley, and Florence Park will end in November of this year, rather than September - as initially planned.

Oxfordshire County Council, which oversees implementing LTNs across the county, re-set the six-month trial on May 13 as a result of 'a modification for the use of its e-scooter hire scheme'.

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The trial scheme, which is part of an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order [ETRO], began in March and was set to end in September.

However, if any modifications are made that will affect the functioning of the LTNs, the council has the right to re-set the trial.

The council also has the right to extend the trial for a further 12 months (from the initial March start date) if more time is needed to reflect on if the scheme will be successful or not in the area.

This means the LTNs in Cowley and Florence Park could stay in place until 2022.

The Oxford Mail is waiting on confirmation of the exact date the trial will end if no further modifications or extensions are added.

Currently, there are no plans to extend the scheme by a further 12 months.

The e-scooter hire scheme was introduced to the ‘eastern arc’ of Oxford as part of an extension of the initial trial in Headington, which began on May 21.

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A spokesperson for the county council said: “In the case of LTNs implemented with Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders, modifications can be made while the experiment is in progress in which case the six-month trial will begin again from when modifications are made.

“In this case, the six-month consultation was re-set as a result of a modification for the use of our trial e-scooter hire scheme.  Legal e-scooters are permitted to pass through the bollards and planters.

“However, there is an overall 18-month time limit to the process, so a decision must be taken before then on whether to remove the trial or make it permanent. This decision will be made by councillor at an open public meeting where members of the public can apply to speak.”

The news comes as the council begins its consultation today for even more LTNs in East Oxford.

These new LTNs will be installed in Divinity Road, St Mary’s, and St Clements - read here for the locations of the new bollards.