Comedian and broadcaster Dominic Holland, and his Hollywood A-lister son Tom Holland, took time out from their busy schedules today to visit Oxford-based studio Electric Breeze Audio Productions.

Tom played Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sony and Marvel's films but was a child star making his West End debut in Billy Elliot the Musical as Michael, Billy's best friend, in 2008 and later playing the title role for five years.

The Hollands were finishing recording Dominic's forthcoming audiobook Eclipsed.

Studio director Deborah Woodhouse, whose husband Richard did the recording, said: "It's a really great story about a father whose son's fame eclipses his own. It is recollections between a father and son, which is what we did today, with Tom reading the foreword.

"Dom's been in already to do the bulk of the recording but we were waiting for Tom to fit us in to his busy schedule."

The family are from Kingston but Mrs Woodhouse explained: "Dom was asked to read a children's book at the studio and he started talking about his own book and he decided he wanted to do it."

Proof indeed that Spiderman does, in fact, have a dad!