LOCALS in favour of a new low traffic scheme are calling on the council to finally finish installing cameras that can catch drivers who continue to travel through restricted areas.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods were introduced by Oxfordshire County Council in March of this year to Church Cowley, Temple Cowley, and Florence Park in an attempt to reduce traffic pollution across the city and promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Some people in support of the scheme, who live on and around Cornwallis and Bartholomew Road are angry that number plate recognition cameras - or ANPRs - have not been installed at the bus gates at either LTN site.

Jason Mosley, local to the area, said that waiting for the LTN on these roads to be complete has been ‘agonizingly slow as parts come in drip by drip – it is like watching paint dry’.

The council said that it is aware of the need for cameras at the bus gate at both Cornwallis Road and Bartholomew Road.

Some residents have questioned whether, because of the lack of the ANPR cameras, that the LTN is fully functioning. But the council has said there are no plans to extend the LTN trial.

A spokesperson for the council, however, added: “It is worth noting that the scheme is due to be reported to for a Cabinet Member decision in February 2022, where it will be decided whether to keep it, extend to the full 18 months or remove the Cowley area LTNs entirely.

“It will remain in place until that decision is made so monitoring can be made beyond the six months.”

The fact that an ANPR camera has not to be installed on either road’s bus gate has led to cars passing through the LTN, despite it being prohibited.

This means that no one who drives through the bus gate will be caught until the cameras are installed.

The council added: “A set of automatic number plate recognition cameras are on order, plus new lamp columns to attach them to for the bus gates.

“Amid a nationwide shortage and increased demand for these items, the council is experiencing delays in their delivery. The council would like to reassure residents that it is committed to completing this part of the LTN as soon as possible."